Remote Scheduling: Your recording schedule contains potential conflicts.

I'm confused with regard to a message I've seen on the RS web page which says I have a conflicting recording.

As far as I can work out I don't have a conflict. I'd just like to understand the logic behind the warning.

I've attached 3 screenshots (one from my TV, one from the local web page and one via RS).

TV Screenshot: Schedule-TV.JPG
Web - Local: Schedule-WebLocal.jpg
Web- RS: Schedule-WebRS.jpg
I am wondering if it's anything to do with Judge Dredd being in two parts.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Ezra Pound

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There is an overlap of times that is causing the conflict, It is not displayed on your screen shots because the times are not changed to reflect the Padding you have added, e.g. In the picture below a program that appears to run for 1 Hour will actally run for 80 Mins because in the second picture I have added padding of 10 Mins. to both ends but it isn't displayed



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Padding values are displayed if you hover over the blue double ended arrow blob.
Nice spot Ezra, I couldn't work out what was going on there!

The padding in this case is 2 minutes before and 10 after, so the conflict is that both parts of Judge Dredd will be recording concurrently along with Downton Abbey.

Black Hole

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Works for me! However, you might have looked at my post before I edited the link in - my modus operandi is to write the post and then source the links afterwards.