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I need to remove all custom software as it seems to be corrupted now. I have tried the re-set custom software. When I install webIF all the previously installed packages are still available but some are corrupt. I attempted to delete them all, package by package. Som uninstalled without error, others had various errors but went off the installed list. I then began installing again but continued to get errors one of which I have attached. When I try to reinstall betaftpd it hangs, processing and never completes.
Please tell me how (if possible) to manually delete the necessary files from the 'mod' folder to allow me to start a correct install. If manual removal is not possible please suggest how to recover a good system.
If it is necessary to reformat the HD then so be it.


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What makes you think that it is corrupt and how did you get into this state?

The capture just indicates that a config file has been modified and the installer will not attempt to overwrite it since it thinks you are upgrading. Instead it creates a new config file which will not be used.
Please read my recent posts as to repeat would be rather lengthy. In addition to betaFTPd not installing again (although it said it was removed and is back even thought it hung), samba no longer works. There were a number of various errors reported. Anyway, I have followed the wiki as suggested so hopefully I can start again. Having read the wiki, I can understand why the packages still remained. But, the re-set packages said they would be REMOVED. That is where the confusion started. If you dont read the wiki first and you just remove as stated in the settings, then you (well I did) wonder what has gone wrong when everything is still there but maybe corrupt (lost hooks to the humax OS) so try to uninstall and reinstall.
I think there is an issue with the betaftpd installation that makes it appear to hang even though it does actually install. I need to look at that.