Repeated tracking failures


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I set up a series record for the new ITV game show Freeze Out and every episode (5) so far has failed to record

On the TV is says 'Failed to track ' while when viewed from the webif it says:
 libpostproc 52. 0.100 / 52. 0.100 /media/My Video/New_ Freeze Out/New_ Freeze Out_20150804_1700.hmt: Invalid data found when processing input

Having seen one episode it is no great loss but I was curious what could cause a repeated tracking error when I have had no such problems in the past in case it starts to affect more important recordings.

Looking at the Schedule information the Series CRID looks OK but the Program CRID for next Monday's show differs from the EPG data for that episode, whilst from Tuesday onwards the program CRIDs match the EPG.

My guess is that if I do nothing Monday's episode will fail to record but Tuesday onwards will be OK and that if I deleted and recreated the series recording it would fix Monday.

Is there any webif function that can check for changes in the CRID information for scheduled recordings?
"Failed to track" means that the expected CRID did not occur within the timing window allocated. This is what happens if a programme is significantly delayed by a previous over-run, or if the broadcaster cocks up the CRID system. Nowt you can do about it, other than adopt auto-padding instead of Accurate Recording.

More info: Things Every... (click) section 3.