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Repeatedly failing to decrypt specific set of recordings


I don't have very much installed on two Foxes, and they are not on auto update of CF:

CF 3.03 webif 1.2.4-8 ffmpeg 0.10 autounprotect 2.0.1-1

One box has 17 folders of recordings and another 21 recordings at the top level.
A problem folder is a series recorded weekly, and so far 6 recordings.
The Humax is forever attempting and failing to decrypt ALL of these 6 recordings, so lots of red warnings in webif.
There is no ENC flag, no DEC flag showing on any of them.
At any time one or two have an "IN USE" flag and the status bar reports for several minutes that they are being decrypted .

The recordings play back fine on the Humax.
I've copied one to PC and it doesn't play back.

encsummary reports 6.
fixencflags reports nothing.

All the other recordings on both boxes are fine, and newer recordings are working fine.
The series is Wallender, alphabetically the last folder (?!?!?).
Recorded on Freeview 20-Drama from the Nottingham transmitter, padding -1 +10 minutes.

Any ideas as to the reason????



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Stab in the dark as I don't understand what the log is telling me, but is your Content sharing switched on?
You can fix that particular problem in the 'boot-settings' package

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Media server switched on?
Wouldn't the log say so? Worth checking: Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On.

That aside, nothing obvious (except saying "failed to decrypt properly"!).

I don't think we should pursue this unless you update and find the problem remains - it's pointless trying to chase something that may have already been fixed.

Black Hole

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Yup. Not the base CF, obviously, but I doubt that's implicated. Nonetheless, I would prefer to fault find on a fully up-to-date system.


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Your software including custom firmware is seriously out of date, so the first stage is is to upgrade all packages to the latest level and try again.
Custom firmware is probably not involved in this problem but is worth upgrading because of improvements to fixdisk support.

I seem to recall a couple of years ago reports of similar problems where a particular series of programmes failed to decrypt - I don't know if a specific cause was ever found but there have been no other recent reports so it has probably been fixed.
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Content Share and FTP Server are both on.

In any case, wouldn't it be all or nothing- it's just a particular set of files that won't decrypt. Is there a way of exposing all the flags involved to compare with the good files?

I did have only one other file about a year ago that had this problem - "The Farmer's LLamas" (Shaun The Sheep) (yes, I know!!). I put it down to some sort of corruption as it was a single fault. It was watched and deleted. But a whole new set now suggests it might be something about all the junk transmitted along with the program content that is preventing Fox from doing it's job.

It's only a problem if the motherboard goes down, and then the files are lost, so not a big deal. In fact I DID have a motherboard go down last year (on a different machine, I have 4) as you may recall from a previous thread. All recordings were saved, being decrypted. I got another box from eBay so I now have three in service, a complete spare, and another minus the mobo. Proves it's worth it !

I don't use any of the other facilities, and so I'm reluctant to update. Having all machines on the same build makes it easier to isolate, and also then they are not prone to inadvertently getting new bugs with the updated facilities. I see the point that if the current software never comes up with this problem, then it's part of history and not worth pursuing. It was interesting to see if anyone knew anything about it.

As above: channel 20 "Drama" from the Nottingham transmitter in Kimberley.
Not BBC4.
Of the 6 multiplexes this is SDN. Also on this mux are ITV3 and 5* but not much else we use.
So, good point.
I know I've got old "Drama" and "ITV3" recordings without problem, but ITV3 has just been re-tuned....

I'm setting a couple of test recordings tonight on 10-ITV3 and 20-Drama.
We'll see tomorrow whether these are going to stubbornly resist decryption.

Well, well, well ,well wellwellwell...
Top work there.

Scanned the thread very briefly, got to go again now, will deal with it tomorrow.

In the meantime, will I need to update the CF itself as well, or just the two packages I am using:

CF 3.03 webif 1.2.4-8 ffmpeg 0.10 autounprotect 2.0.1-1

Actually if I remember from last time, isn't the separate ffmpeg now redundant?



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I don't use any of the other facilities, and so I'm reluctant to update.
I don't see the correlation between these two clauses. It takes a couple of minutes to do. Just do it.
Having all machines on the same build makes it easier to isolate
So update them all.
then they are not prone to inadvertently getting new bugs with the updated facilities.
There aren't any. Whereas there are with old versions, as you have found out.
I don't understand your stubbornness/reluctance to update to fix bugs just in case something else might break, when what you have now is clearly broken.


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all of the packages should be compatible with 3.0.3 CF but ffmpeg and autounprotect are not relevant to your current problem

The minimal update for your problem is the stripts package
But you are so far out of date that you really should bite the bullet and do an update all

Black Hole

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The minimal update for your problem is the stripts package
That may be the case, but in general you have no idea whether updating just one component won't introduce other problems. We have a solution in the auto-update package, which just leaves occasional updates to the firmware to do manually (and they are now few and far between). For the paranoid there is the "update all packages" button in the WebIF.

So where's my "like"?