Replace HDD or get a new machine?

Ref external PSUs: even a wall-wart can be plugged into an extension lead.

External PSUs are an economy measure, in more ways than a non-engineer might realise. With an internal PSU, either the mains lead has to be detachable (additional expense, and more problems re certification), or different variants are required for different markets (differing styles of mains plug, which are required to be permanently fitted to the mains lead). The heat dissipation in deriving the internal DC supplies from the mains is internal to the enclosure, so suitable cooling needs to be designed in (with associated manufacturing cost and limiting the marketing boys' flair for weird design). Finally, the product will require high-voltage safety certification, in addition to the low-voltage directive, EMC, etc.

With an external PSU brick or wall-wart, the high-voltage part of the certification is hived off to the PSU supplier, and the heat generated is external to the unit. It becomes "somebody else's problem" - always handy in the world of design.

That's not to say I like an external PSU any more than anyone else, and if there is market pressure to ditch them...
Indeed, "weird" design was definitely in the minds of the Humax team when they came up with that thing :)
And I'm also now intrigued about this wall-wart problem - why is it Owen Smith that you aren't keen on one, given that you are OK with an external supply + lead? (As BH says, extension lead...)
I know what the cost savings and certification benefits are of external power supplies. I still hate them. If it's a cost issue fine, where is the more expensive luxury model of the product that I can buy with internal PSU, 6 channel analogue audio outs, optical and coax digital audio out, AAC 5.1 to DTS transcoding (instead of Dolby Digital), dual HDMIs etc?

I have very little space behind my hifi/TV rack. To save space I use several 4 way mains plugs that take four cables into a single slightly oversized plug, this lets me connect up to 12 devices into three mains sockets in the wall (a double and a single). This is where the problem with a wall wart comes in, and yes I could use an extension lead but then I have to find space to put it behind some equipment without it being visible. My new TV has an external power supply and finding space for that was an absolute nightmare.
Agreed, it's a pity it needs Infra Red line of sight for the remote control, otherwise it would be best hidden away somewhere