Replacement case for HDR-Fox T2? (Spares?)


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Hey guys,

After moving to a new property without an aerial and having to move to Virgin (though 162mbit/sec broadband is freakin' awesome!) I finally sold my Humax Fox HDR-T2 (1TB) on eBay.
A couple of weeks after the lucky winner received the item, he lodged a complaint with eBay that there was physical damage to the case.
Now, it was perfect when it was sent, original box, not a single mark, but eBay being eBay of course they always favour the buyer (there was no visible damage to the packaging either, apparently), so I've now had to refund the buyer and have received back my now rather battered looking Humax :(

It's quite hard to photograph, but the damage to the top of the case is like so:

It looks like he's taken a hammer to it!
What are my options?
Is there anyone who might be breaking a unit up and has a good condition lid?

I've tested the unit & hard-drive and they are in perfect working order, luckily. I'd just like to repair the case cheaply if possible and try to sell the item again.

Lastly, do you think the item would sell better if I provided it customised (firmware?) or 'standard'.
I ran it modded but returned it to completely stock to sell.
I wonder if someone might like a pre-modded box with all the hard work done for them..
Humax are actually good at selling replacement parts, if they have stock of course, but they are not cheap and it is probably not cost effective to pay their prices to sell the unit on. You do see faulty HDR-Foxes on e-Bay, but these still sell for a fair amount of money, depending on what's wrong, so again probably not worth the outlay.
The case is coated steel, and the coating is well bound to the metal. I recommend taking the lid off, laying it black side down on a sturdy work table, on some corrugated cardboard and try tapping out the dents with a hammer and a block of wood. It won't completely remove them, but should flatten them out quite well. Then put it back on e-Bay with a photo of the damaged area, and explain it is cosmetic and the unit is functioning well. You won't get as much for it as you would have done if perfect but you should still do OK: a lot of people put them in cabinets or have them stacked with other units and aren't bothered too much by dinks on the case.
Re. custom firmware, I would leave it vanilla. Everyone has different configurations anyway and if they are aware of the CFW and want it, it is easy to download and install for free. It might even scare some more conservative buyers off.
Thanks for the quick reply.
I will probably do exactly as you advise - but I was posting just on the off chance someone went "hang on, I'll get a shell in my garage..." or something ;)

I take your advice re. custom firmware too.
Perhaps a sneaky link to here will educate them on what you can do with the box ;)
It's the same as a modded car - only dedicated modders would value the mods... but in this case there is no monetary value to the mods.
Damn. I've just bought a 'graded' one as a second box. A week ago I might have had that off you as it is.
What do you want for it? Between my aunt, my parents and myself we run four HDRs and I fear a failure. But if one does fail, obviously I'll have a spare case lid from the failed machine to put on. I intend to put this in storage so don't want to pay Humax's Graded price. PM me please and we can avoid eBay fees.