Replacement Tuner Module or Internet only firmware

Adrian Johnston

New Member
Does anyone know where I could get a new tuner module to solder in. The one on my box is broken

Alternatively, is thee any custom firmware to convert it into an Internet only box so that I can use TV Catchup or similar?

Have you tried contacting Humax?

Edit: I have moved this to the HD-FOX T2 forum.
Sorry I have posted in the wrong forum. Its a Fox T2 Freeview box.

I read that Humax wont supply parts, only provide a repair service but its more than the cost of a nd hand box on Ebay so not worth it

Thanks for the quick reply though
Your only chance is if you can identify the part number and Google for it. Do you know any independent TV repair businesses?

As far as the TV Portal is concerned, you know it only does BBC iPlayer? It would be a good client to stream from a HDR-FOX though.

The box won't get past its initialisation unless at least one channel can be tuned in - which is OK if you have channels tuned from before the tuner broke. We might be able to get around that with the custom firmware, but I think it is a work in progress (it will get some more attention if somebody has a need). The TV Portal won't work without an aerial signal to set the system clock at boot, so the custom firmware will be needed to get that working too.

For further information see Things Every... section 6.