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Humax HDR-FOX T2 1TB
Web interface version: 1.3.2-1
Custom firmware version: 3.03 (build 2368)
Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.03)
Loader Version: a7.33


I bought my T2 only about 3 years back but the Humax seems to have developed a few issues over the past few months. I'd like to keep the PVR myself. My wife wanted me to get Humax's latest effort (Humax FVP-4000T) but after trying it out a friend's his house I decided not to bother (really hated it) and he seems to have endless issues with his as well. So I prefer to fix and continue.

First recent T2 issue has been with the remote: the OK button stopped being responsive a month or so ago and it became impossible to use properly. Seemed to have solved that by popping the casing open using a blade, cleaning the circuit board and rubber buttons, and applying some conducting silver to the button waffles. It seems to work just fine again. Hopefully I won't have to do it too frequently.

Q. Is there a better solution? Like replacement rubber buttons?

I thought the remote nonsense was the end of the issues but no. Some recordings stopped occurring and then some that did record were digitally borked and unwatchable. Checked signal and that was fine (76%) so checked tons of bad sectors on the disk. As the disk is getting worse I decided to just replace it. Surprised it hasn't lasted longer really, although it has had a lot of use I suppose. Anyway, today I ordered a Seagate ST2000VM003 Pipeline HD 2 TB for £60 to replace the dying disk. Tomorrow evening I'll fit it. And I have just a question about that process if you don't mind.

Q. Is the replacement disk a simple swap out affair and then a reformat using the Humax's format?

Many thanks

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1. The recording schedule is not stored on the HDD. It's stored in Flash memory on the motherboard.

2. Yes

3. Yes. Regardless: if you are running CF why are your recordings still encrypted? See Things Every... (click) section 5, and follow link to decryption info.

PS: Yes, that's what it's for! You might consider it unhelpful that retunes are prevented, if so remove the package. We, however, regard it as the lesser of two evils (now largely ameliorated by auto-schedule-restore and tunefix). Preventing External Events from Disturbing the CF (click)

4: For Pete's sake read something about what you're doing before you do it.

As this question is largely about CF, it's in the wrong place on the forum. We have a section for custom firmware questions, and this is the section for HDR-FOX not involving CF.
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As this question is largely about CF, it's in the wrong place on the forum. We have a section for custom firmware questions, and this is the section for HDR-FOX not involving CF.
But a lot closer than some we get BH;)


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I have not long swapped out the original 1TB Pipeline HD with a Seagate ST2000VM003 Pipeline HD 2 TB which arrived today. It was a very quick and uncomplicated affair

After fitting the new Seagate disk the Humax booted but then immediately shut down again. I turned the Humax on again and then it recognised the new disk and prompted to format it, which I did, and that was fairly quick also.

Next I accessed the Humax via its IP address and I was prompted to re-install webIF, which was successful. I then ran fix-flash-packages under Diagnostics and that too was successful. After that I reinstalled the packages I was using previously and rebooted. I noticed then that the schedule was restored also (I'm informed by Black Hole that I am in error and that the schedule never went anywhere) that the schedule was present and correct and hadn't gone anywhere and nothing had changed in that respect whatsoever. That is, "... it never left" ;). So total success there...and no headaches at all.

Unfortunately the old, original Seagate drive that was dying deteriorated quickly and so I wasn't able to copy my recordings back to the new drive via the HUMAX USB port using my USB-SATA adapter. Luckily I'd copied everything over to a USB 3.0 drive yesterday (I ran Seagate tools on the old drive after I'd done everything else and it failed the tests over and over and got stuck in a click of death).

For some reason the Humax crashed when I tried to copy the recordings back to the HUMAX from my Toshiba USB 3.0 drive. Chose 'select all' on the external drive to highlight all the folders containing recordings, and then 'copy'...and then it froze and a minute later the Humax crashed. Tried 3 times, three times the Humax crashed.Don't know why that should be the case.

As copying recordings back to the Humax from the external USB 3.0 drive (a reliable, USB powered USB 3.0 Toshiba portable drive) wasn't working for me I decided to connect the USB 3.0 drive to my Windows PC instead and copy the recordings to the HUMAX across the network. That worked just fine. Will now probably delete what I can live without and then overnight copy the rest back to the HUMAX the same way.

Many thanks for advice from forum members, and extra thanks to the developers of CFW and WebIF.


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The schedule wasn't restored, as it never left.

The USB3 drive could be overloading the current supply capability of the HDR-FOX USB ports, which are not up to much. See Things Every... (click) section 12. Also, I have found that the HDR doesn't cope well with large block transfers, and I have more success with copying small sections at a time.