Restart after Reboot?


Hi all,

After messing up my hard disk the other day, I reformatted the drive and then upgraded to the latest firmware & CF. For some reason if I reboot from Webif, the box now stays in standby whereas before it almost always restarted and woke up. All packages seem to be working fine. I had a quick search and can't find any info.

Any thoughts?
I guess the only person who can really answer this properly is af123 (although others, including me might try). The problem is obviously known to af123, as he has placed a warning on the Web-If saying it might happen, unfortunately (I am also guessing) this also means he can't prevent it ether :(
I have found that rebooting from the Webif whilst in a timed wake up period it rarely works. If the box has been switched out of standby using the remote control then it does work properly.
That may well be the issue, I'll do some checking if I get a chance later in the week, thanks for the pointer.

The box was half awake / standby via a wake up & 2 sleeps input via RS when I logged in from the other end of the country this morning. I woke the box up fully using the webif remote 'power' button ran some decrypts and then had a schedule change, hence the reboot. As happened on Sunday when I was actually at home, the box did not reboot to fully awake, but stayed in standby.
It's best to leave the reboot till the last possible moment unless you are sure you have finished with the Hummy. If you are away from home a series of wake ups during the day will pick up any rescheduling from the Remote Scheduling Site.
The first steps to a solution are to gather enough evidence to work out the pattern and thus where one might look. I think previously we had presumed it was random.

I don't know whether it accounts for every occurrence, but these reports now point towards a hypothesis that some kind of status is being set at the previous boot, and then the forced reboot is treated as if the humaxtv process had crashed and restarted. It interrogates the status and decides what state to enter as a result - "I wasn't properly awake so I had better drop to standby". It seems likely to me the status is held in the front panel display module, which we know is responsible for initiating timed wakes.

The thing to do now is for everyone to monitor WebIF forced restarts and particularly to report restarts which break this pattern: fail to restart when the Humax was powered up manually; or succeed in restarting when the Humax was awake only due to a timer. This will help confirm the hypothesis and home in on a solution.
Thanks, I have a couple of wake ups for that purpose so am not too worried about the scheduling. It's more about why I'm suddenly not getting a wakeup from a reboot. I'll be back on Thursday eve, so time permitting, will try the test of webif rebooting from fully awake via the remote to see if that changes anything
It seems likely to me the status is held in the front panel display module, which we know is responsible for initiating timed wakes.

Yeap, you may well be correct, specially as I'm using the potentially dodgy setting of half awake / standby. I'll do couple of wake / sleep cycles via the physical remote and then a webif reboot to see what happens. Trouble is that if I don't get a chance on Thursday, it'll be January, so anyone else that has some curiosity is welcome to chip in.