Restoring schedule fails


On both my live boxes a retune has resulted in the schedule restore not working.
(It did used to work).

I've tried a manual re-install of the package and this is what it writes in the log
on the USB drive:
Preparing package auto-schedule-restore_1.3_mipsel.opk
Starting installation...
Installing auto-schedule-restore (1.3) to root...
/mod/webif/lib/system.class:4: Error: error loading extension "/mod/lib/jim/": File not found
Can't load package xconv
at file "/mod/sbin/autoschedule", line 3
in procedure 'require' called at file "/mod/webif/lib/setup", line 13
at file "/mod/webif/lib/setup", line 8
at file "/mod/webif/lib/system.class", line 4
Configuring auto-schedule-restore.
Finished installation...
the same on both boxes.
I'm using CFW 3.13 on both boxes with minimal other applications.
/mod/boot/sbin/schedule.ab is llisted as version 2 on the top line

I've found is installed and has 755 permissions.
The only thing at all suspicious with it is it is dated 2017 and all
other files in that folder are dated 2019
I'm not sure why it cant see the file.

I've run a full e2fsck on all 3 partitions with no issues except some normal fragmentation.
(e2fsck -c -v -f -p /dev/sda(1-3))
Sysmon doesnt indicate any heating problems.

The interesting thing is the USB drive log file is listed as written at 10:36 am
when it was created at 12:30 PM (according to the front panel - and actual time)
The confusing thing is it is the same on both boxes.

I can manually restore the schedule with webif and it does so without issues. (This has
occurred a few times lately)

(Is the online restore package not compatible with 3.13 perhaps?)

Can anyone see what the issue might be?


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What version of webif do yo have installed - it should be 1.4.4-10

There is no longer an xconv package, it was changed a while ago to jim-xconv

Try Upgrade All on the Packages screen


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There is no longer an xconv package, it was changed a while ago to jim-xconv
The message "Can't load package xconv" comes from a Jim TCL package require xconv statement, which refers to the Jim namespace, not the opkg one. I've seen this before and not understood the error, but it may yet arise from some unenforced package version dependency. My system has jim-xconv-1.0.0 and jim-0.78-1.

When I run that statement manually:
# jimsh
Welcome to Jim version 0.78
. package require xconv
. exit
OP's backtrace then shows Jim trying to use the proc require defined in /mod/webif/lib/setup, and failing, presumably because the package require command failed.