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restrict viewing of recordings..


Is it possible to set a program to series link, but then stop anyone watching it with out the correct password ??

Thanks :)


Staff member
You can Lock the individual programmes via the OPT+ button, they will then require a password before they can be viewed. This uses the standard password "0000" by default, although this can be changed.


New Member
Settings - Preferences - Parental Controls.

Allows you to set a pin number for various sorts of content, internet content or programs with a guidence rating or all programs being recorded.

Anyone wanting to watch a restricted recording would have to enter a four digit pin number (default is 0000).

No way of choosing a specific series to block or restrict viewing of a live broadcast.


Is it possible to lock a folder? If that's the case then you could use the series auto-filer script to auto-move them into a locked folder.