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Retune pop-up keeps reappearing

I'm in the Meridian region picking up the Rowridge transmitter.
I've had to retune twice due to the changeover, then once last week due to some change which knocked out some of the channels.

Fine. No problems with that.

It's the countless other times that it is telling me to retune now or later. My 4 year can now read the word later it appears so often. Really starting to hack me off now.

How do I convince my Hummy that it's all over, and there's no more flippin' retunes needed?


Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Could you be receiving from more than one region (do you have any channels in the 800's)? Do you have the custom software installed (which will help by backing up your recording schedule and letting you restore it after the retune minus the scheduled retune event)?

  1. If you have a recording schedule set up, make sure it is backed up by the custom software or make a note of it (digital camera works well).
  2. Perform a manual retune rather than an automatic one, using full instructions HERE (click).
  3. Perform a complete power down after the retune, this has been reported to 'fix' it.
I don't have any channels in the 800s. I did after the first stage of switchover here, but haven't since.
I have no custom software, just standard 1.02.20 OTA software.

I'll try a manual retune, then power down - cheers!
Couple of questions with regard the digitaluk link.
1) how do I tell which feed carries the HD?
2) What does it mean by 21+ as the channel number? Should I just use 21?

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
If you hover the mouse over the channel number in the table, a help tip appears with various information and will say either DVB-T or DVB-T2 - the DVB-T2 channel is your HiDef.

21+ just means the frequency is set between the standard frequencies for channels 21 and 22, but you just specify 21 and the tuner will find it.
I'm on Rowridge too, and noticed a retune message last night while watching TV (not through the Humax), I can't remember which channel it was on as I was flicking through them at the time! I mostly watch the HD channels now we have them and I think these messages only appear on the SD PSB channels so I guess it must've BBC2 or Channel 5. I got the impression that our DSO is fully complete on Rowridge now, unlike other regions which switched earlier on but still have some final retune events to go.
Finally got the chance to try all that. What's the first thing I see? The same $$$$ing message! arrrrgh!!!

Thanks anyway. [picks up Hummy and walks to top of high building]
Probably not very helpful but I bought my HDR-FOX T2 a couple of months ago, immediately flashed to custom firmware and am using Rowridge with no annoying DSO on-screen events (since the final switchover in April)...

I've manually entered channel numbers as auto-tuning would pick up channels not on Rowridge (it's never a good idea to have more than one transmitter in your list apparently).

Perhaps try custom firmware?
I'm trying factory reset - one sensible thing I haven't tried yet. I'm sure that'll cock up something I need - wifi settings probably, but I'm willing to try it now.