Retuning a Only Single MUx


Hi Guys

Just did a manual retune to sort out the Aug 1st Film4 MUX move and, whilst doing it, thought that it would have been nice if I could have only retuned the affected MUXs. A bit of googling threw up a comment from Black Hole in the avforums, last year, which said "You can retune just the one mux...". However, I can't seem to find any information on how to do this.

Is it simply a matter of doing a manual retune on the affected MUX(s) or do you have to wipe out the previous channel assignments for that MUX first, as per the 'auto-tune and immediately cancel' step when doing a full manual retune?

If you perform the manual retune procedure but without starting with an aborted auto-scan (to clear the existing tuning database), any changes or additions in the mux you tune will get added into the tuning information, and only the schedule entries for the services in that mux will be cleared.
Ok thanks, that makes sense. However, what about the Film4 scenario where it stays on channel 15 but moves from MUX ArqB/COM6 to MUX D3&4/PSB2 and, just to complicate matters, Film4 is still being broadcast (albeit temporarily) on MUX ArqB/COM6, channel 791? For that matter, would a single MUX rescan pickup chanel removals (i.e when Film4 stops broadcasting on 791) or would these stay as 'ghost entries' until completely removed from the tuning database?

Hhhm, given how quick a complete manual retune is, I guess it's probably safer to carry on doing that! It's a bit of a pain having to recreate all the recording schedules but, hey, it only takes a couple of mins extra. Many Thanks
If you were to install the Custom Firmware, schedule backup and restore would be available to you - as would a list of "I definitely don't want these" channels to be automatically deleted from any retune.