Reverse streaming


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I've had a trawl and can't find anything relevant, so apologies if it is actually covered somewhere.

I'd like to join/rejoin Netflix/Lovefilm or similar and get movies via the internet. (We used to get Lovefilm discs but gave it up a while back.) I think the only device we have capable of connecting to these is a PC, so ideally I'd like to be able to get the film setup on there and then stream it to the HDR via the LAN and thence to the TV. The HDR is the only LAN connected device (via wifi) near the TV.

Is this possible? (with the current hardware)
There was mention, a long time ago, of some PC software that could re-stream an incoming stream (in particular for a football feed).
OK, thanks for that. Nothing current then.
Actually I was reading a review/comparison about Netflix and Lovefilm earlier today and it doesn't sound as though what they currently offer is going to be of great interest to us anyway (it's all very patchy), so it probably won't be worth the effort even it it could be made to work.
I have done a search and found Wild Media Server is what you are looking for. Run a forum search for relevant posts, and check the web for more info.