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Hi, I have recently purchased a 500mb HDR Fox T2 from humax direct, installed the latest custom firmware, and all was working fine.

However, my HDD has now seemingly died. The 'Media' button does nothing and I can't record.

Can I revert back to the stock firmware with no HDD? So I can then sent it back to Humax...

Also, I am wondering if I should just upgrade the HDD myself. Can anyone suggest the best 2TB HDD to buy?


UPDATE: My HDD has now started working again!! No idea why it stopped. I just powered it off and left it for a while. I did try a power cycle earlier with no luck, but leaving it off for a while seems to have cured things. I'd still like to know the answers to the above questions though if possible...
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Thanks Black Hole, much appreciated.

I guess then to revert to stock firmware I just telnet in and use the 'srma' option?

UPDATE: I've just found the WiKi entry "Remove_Modified_Firmware" which explains all. Thanks again.
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UPDATE: My HDD has now started working again!!
As you have the custom firmware installed (using the webif >Diagnostics>Hard Disk) what are the Raw values of the following attributes: 5 (Reallocated_sector_t), 9 (Power_on_hours), 197 (Current_pending_sector), 198 (Offline_uncorrectable)? It may allow us to give you an opinion on the health of the drive.
Thanks Martin,

The HDD Stats are:
ID Name Flags Raw Value Value Worst Thresh Type Updated When Failed
5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct PO--CK 0 100 100 036 Pre-fail Always -
9 Power_On_Hours -O--CK 1851 098 098 000 Old_age Always -
197 Current_Pending_Sector -O--C- 0 100 100 000 Old_age Always -
198 Offline_Uncorrectable ----C- 0 100 100 000 Old_age Offline -

Also, the same thing has happened again tonight. The Media button does nothing and you cant record anything. I can't even get to the web interface (although I can telnet). What I had to do again is completely power off the unit with the switch at the back, wait a bit and then power back on. All then seems to be OK again.

Thanks for the help.
The HDR-FOX is clearly faulty - but the risk is that the main circuit board is faulty rather than the HDD, and that throwing a new drive at it will be a waste of money. Maybe the guys who understand the stats can say whether it's obvious.
The Media button does nothing and you cant record anything. I can't even get to the web interface (although I can telnet). What I had to do again is completely power off the unit with the switch at the back, wait a bit and then power back on. All then seems to be OK again.
Did you run the fix-disk procedure you were pointed at in post #2? If not, do so.
I agree with Black Hole. I recently upgraded a HDR-FOX by putting in a brand new 2TB Seagate pipeline. Within a day of installing, I switched on and the hard drive was not recognised, but a reboot sorted it out. Over the next few days it got worse and worse until the disk was only available when the unit was switched off at the mains and switched back on again. I returned the disk and the replacement is working perfectly. The problem is that it could be the hard drive, the power supply or the main board. It is probably not the front board, but I would not rule that out either without testing it! As you are in warranty, I recommend decrypting and copying any recordings you want to keep. Then follow the procedures available on this site to remove the custom firmware from the flash memory and hard drive and arrange for Humax to fix or replace the unit.
Thanks all, I think I will reset all and send back to Humax.

After reading about it, can someone just confirm these are the correct steps before I do anything..
1. Copy off the recordings I want to keep.
2. Webif -> Diagnostics -> Set Revert to Manufacturer (RMA) Mode
3. Restart Box (should show RMA on front)
4. Webif -> Diagnostics -> Remove all custom firmware software and packages
5. Install Official Firmware (1.03.12) - will this remove the RMA message? The wiki link to remove custom firmware doesn't mention whether this version will remove the RMA message (although it does say 1.03.06 doesn't and that we should use 1.02.32?).
6. The Wiki then goes on to say "After the 'Return to Manufacturer' is completed download and install the current Official Humax Software, Notes HERE". But the link links to the custom firmware page? I'm a bit confused...

The standard firmwares are also downloadable from the wiki page. Yes, installing a standard firmware is the final stage which clears the RMA indication.

Be aware that any recordings you want to keep must be decrypted by some means. Full details Things Every... (click) section 5.

For a proper explanation of the term "RMA", see the Glossary (click).
@Mark04: I stand be corrected, but I don't think you need to do step four in your list (remove all custom firmware packages and settings). If I am right, that function leaves the core custom firmware in flash memory. Step 2 (set RMA mode) does the same and removes the flash components too. After running set RMA, I would then install official 1.03.12 firmware (here). To finish off, as a last step I would reset to factory defaults and select the 'format HDD' option using the remote control. This way the unit and hard drive will be a completely vanilla state when you return it.
Thanks. The HDD seemed to die again for the second time tonight (couldn't access the media or record), so I have decided to go for it... I have done the RMA, and flashed the official firmware. This part seemed to go OK and I got back into the system menu.

I then tried to reset to factory defaults and format the HDD too as suggested.

Does this factory defaults/HDD format normally take long? The screen says 'processing' and has been like that for about 30 minutes now. Occasionally the box makes a few 'beeps' (as if the HDD is trying to be read) and then goes quiet again. I'm guessing the HDD is duff. I have no idea now what to do... leave it, reset the box, hammer?

I have also just noticed that the humaxdirect website is down, so I've sent off an email to to see if they will give me a returns number so I can send it back... Am I right in assuming that now that I've done the RMA/Firmware I should have no problems from humax?

Should be fine.

You need HumaxDirect - they are the people you have a contractual relationship with. Phone them.
I saw this in another forum entry and thought I'd give it a go:

Acording to Facebook:

Humax Direct to be re-vamped! Our sales site is now off-line & will be back soon with a new look and features. For customer support or product issues please call 0344 318 8800 or email

Can anyone answer my other query? Given that I've now done the RMA and Firmware restore, and seemingly can't now access my HDD to do anything else, do you think this is now back to a state where I can safely return to humax without worry?