RF Noise from Power Supply - Sourcing and replacing



Our HDR Fox T2 has been identified as creating radio interference, of frequency and strength sufficient to interfere with ADSL broadband, the so-called "REIN". The recommendation from Openreach is to either replace the unit, or replace the power supply. The interference continues as long as the box is connected to the mains, doesn't stop when it's in soft powered off state.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? I've had a search around, and it doesn't seem that replacement power supplies are necessarily on offer, although I've not heard back from Humax yet. Alternative would be to replace the Humax, with a new secondhand one, but I wonder what the chances are that a replacement would have the same issue.

Any comments or suggestions welcome,

Thanks, Tony S


People on here have previously reported that the best place to get them is from Humax themselves. I would phone them. 0344 318 8800.

No, I have no problems with interference from mine. Power supplies can go faulty and cause this problem So a replacement would hopefully cure yours.
There have also been reports of the HDMI output lead causing problems to nearby items. Though as yours does it on standby that is unlikely to be the problem. Though you could try unplugging the HDMI cable and see if it changes.

Ezra Pound

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I am told an AM radio tuned to 612Khz is a good indicator of the Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise that affects ASDL modems, must try this out sometime


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I don't see how looking at roughly a 9 kHz wide section of something that is roughly 2 MHz wide can tell you anything conclusive.

Black Hole

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Sounds like a faulty power supply to me. If the 'FOX works otherwise as required, try using a noise suppressor in the power line.


Hi, Humax don't have the PSU. The guy I spoke to was unsure if that part is discontinued or not, but certainly not in stock at the moment.

Regarding a noise suppressor, could you give a little more detail? Do you mean something on the mains input, or something internal?


Tony S

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I mean one of those mains socket adapters that are supposed to eliminate noise on the way to a computer system. Presumably they would also stop noise from the computer system being injected into the house ring.


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I use these ferrite slugs on a lot of my equipment and they have solved problems - Maplin's part number N95AB or N96AB.