Rinse aid dispensers ....


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... WTF?
We've had several dishwashers over the last 30 years, of several makes, and without exception refilling the rinse aid dispenser has always been a complete P...I...T...A :mad:
We are getting a new kitchen next month, with new appliances. I wonder if this particular function will be any better?

Yes, I've reached a stage of life where this is a major bugbear :rolleyes: :)
Well on our Bosch, you lift a flap and pour it in until it's full then closed the flap. What's PITA about that? (And that was the comment by HWMBO who uses the thing and also is a technophobe.)
New kitchen/dishwasher in the spring - still a P..I..T..A I'm afraid. Our new one also has a special tray on the basket just under where the soap goes - this is to catch the tablet should you use one. Another PITA as I always catch my hand on it and it impinges slightly on how much can be loaded.
I am also at that stage in life where silly things like this really get on my t?ts !

Edit (Trevs post came in whilst I was typing): Why can't they put the filler point in the top of the door, or at least closer to the top. I have to squat right down to get the right angle of pour.
And please don't start me on the salt filler...
Admittedly ours is on the inside of the door and thus is a bit low, but only the same lowness as the tablet dispenser. No biggie really.
peterworks. Take the bloody thing off then.
One of our past ones was a Bosch.
The problem is that they all seem to have (had) a wide bit to pour into but a few mm down there is a baffle with just a small hole to flow into the reservoir. If you pour at more than a trickle (and because of the low level and the filler being near flush with the door it's hard to do that) then the air being displaced out blows bubbles and blocks the entrance, or gives the impression it's full when it isn't.
As Peter says, put the filler at the top so you can just open the door say 30deg to pour into.

Oh yes, salt fillers are almost as bad. But I'd forgotten that as we now have a house water softener and I fill that instead.