RM-F04 Remote - Can PVR button be reprogrammed


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I have 2 x RM-F04 remotes running in the same room on the same Hummy. We are disabled so have one each for convenience. I bought a second one for that purpose - although one is a four code and the other is a three code version which is slightly annoying.

My Hummy seems to be dying (no need for help as it's insured - just going to send it of for repair soon). I am with Virgin and have been recently sent a HD TIVO PVR free-view recorder. We both love our hummy remotes and use the universal functions for out TV, Amp and to control Kodi on our PC via a FLIRC dongle.

Question 1: Can the PVR button be reprogrammed to control the TIVO? It's likely to be several weeks before we get our hummy back.

Question 2: this is more of a related question really. We haven't started using the TIVO yet but if it turns out that we like it and want to keep both the Hummy and the TIVO we will have 5 devices and only 4 positions on the hummy universal remote. I want the situation where we have 1 remote each that will run everything and maybe in the future some home automation too. So can anyone recommend a universal remote that will work? Remember though - 2 of the same remotes will be used in one room so any task related (macro) commands like those on harmony remotes that will become out so sync so will be no good.

I do see the sense in RF remotes with hubs and IR blasters as apposed to only IR and and prepared to pay a fair amount to get what I need but don't want to be trouble shooting out of sync remotes. Any ideas? also I would like at least some hard buttons - not all touch screen>>

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1: No. And neither will it have the codes for the Tivo anyway.

2: There's nothing out there that comes anywhere close to satisfying your (or my) requirements. Macros are doomed to failure when so much kit uses "relative addressing" without also having absolute codes (eg a specific code to turn on and another to turn off, not just a code that toggles).


It would be nice to standardise on smart-phone/tablet apps for control (via a WiFi blaster), and the HDR-FOX can give you direct remote control via the network (using the custom firmware ir package).


We use 2 harmony remotes in the same room and yes they do go out of sync - its an easy fix - just hold hand over the IR blaster at the end of the remote to tune the out of sync remote to the same mode as the other remote
I use the Harmony One as its still superior I believe to the later ones - The 650 is the nearest current comparable

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1: No. And neither will it have the codes for the Tivo anyway.
The RM-F04 remote has a JP1 chipset which is reprogrammable, however as far as I am aware no-one has published details on how to connect to the F04 (as it is not fitted with a JP1 header), details of how to connect to a RM-F01 (using the same chipset), have been published


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Black Hole, erne and Ezra Pound - Thank you for your comments. Not really sure on the way forward for my purposes but I appreciate your help. The fact that the RM-F04 remote's chipset is re-programmable is interesting but beyond my capabilities.