Router reset when accessing media


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Humax HDR1000S 2TB Freesat (Freetime)(G2)
The IR controller with the above resets the router when I select Home-Humax-Media sharing (most often but not every time). It displays the servers and then the router resets, a message says LAN cable disconnected, shortly after but before the router has completed its cycle the message appears that the LAN cable is connected.
During this time the screen shows there are no servers.
The LAN connection then has to be connected via Settings-Network using believe it or not connect automatically. Then all works again. I have verified that the TV (Panasonic Viera) with similar features does not do this. So...
I swapped the router LAN socket between TV and Humax, same result.
Swapped Humax cable with TV cable same result.
I believe that this eliminates sockets, cables, servers and the LAN itself.
There are no conflicts with ip addresses.
Has anybody else this had problem or are there any suggestions please?
Thank you for the response MartinLiddle. The router is BT HomeHub Type 2 Software version 8.1.H.U (Type A) as far as I am aware it is up to date, I see no options to check that.

[EDIT]It is the latest firmware.
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No problem with a Home hub 5.
Thank you for the confirmation. I must presume that since your Humax has the same firmware then I must have a faulty box.
Once the router has finished resetting it works and accesses media perfectly, just as the TV does, until next selecting from scratch.