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When I try to delete a scheduled recording via rs I get this
10/01/2015 10:10:58 !Error encountered whilst processing the unschedule command - unrecognized token: "X'1"
10/01/2015 10:10:57 Match of the Day
10/01/2015 10:10:56 Processing command 'unschedule live'

or this
09/01/2015 16:00:23 !Error encountered whilst processing the unschedule command - unrecognized token: "X'0"
09/01/2015 16:00:22 Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night...
09/01/2015 16:00:21 Processing command 'unschedule live'
Those unrecognised token errors look familiar to what I see when trying to restore schedules or change folder names. Looks as though some key file shared by multiple components is broken.
Yeah, I got similar errors when changing folder names also. Would af be able to throw some light on this?
I also get a similar error when trying to rename a folder:

13/01/2015 09:53:59 System booted.
13/01/2015 09:46:53 !Error encountered whilst processing the folder command - unrecognized token: "X'b"
13/01/2015 09:46:52 New: Marry Me
13/01/2015 09:46:49 Processing command 'folder Marry Me'
No, definitely a software bug. Not RS specific though. I'll look into it as soon as I have time.
Not sure whether this is related, but often my system doesn't log when it has recorded a scheduled event.
I read that thread end and it sounds like he's fixed it. Now I don't know what "it" is? Is it this bug? Will there be a new RS?
It'll be an update to Webif. You can test it in the interim by running the "g4dds" diagnostic.
This bug was affecting RS so if the update relates to webif presumably the rs bug will still exist?
There is an update to webif available now that should fix this if it had the same underlying issue. Update webif to 1.2.0-1 and test again. If the problem's still there, then there is another cause that will need investigating!
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