RS: Donate with PayPal

I was going to make a donation but was surprised to see that I must enter my email address and PayPal password on the RS site.

Sorry, I cannot do that. The only place I enter my password is on the PayPal web site.


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Clicking the button should take you to the Paypal site. RS won't ask you for your paypal credentials!
Paypal does pull in the banner at the top from the RS site but it's definitely Paypal.
I did it a while ago with zero problems.

I am sure it is ok and above board. However the page is totally different to the one I use most which is the main PayPal login page. As far as I can remember, whenever I pay by PayPal I am always directed to the same main page. It just threw me when I saw this unusual page.


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You need to blank out your email address better, it appears to be in view in the screen captures. If indeed, it is your 'real' email address.

Elementary, my dear W*****N.
Paypal have a habit of changing how things look pretty frequently.
Presumably its a good way to deter bot attacks.

I didnt notice the donate button before - perhaps if it was copied to the top of the forum sections
it may encourage a few more donations?