RS - Donations


I would like to make a donation but am not happy with entering my password for PayPal on an RS web page.

Is there another method to make a donation?
It isn't an RS web page... It's a paypal page with an RS image at the top. Check the site name in the address bar and the encryption status which should confirm that you are talking to Paypal.
Yes I see that now. However I find it confusing because it does not operate in the way I normally pay by PayPal.

For example, if I buy from Ebay then I am passed to a PayPal web page without reference to Ebay on it.

It is not that I don't trust the operators of RS, it is just that with so many scams today one must take care.

May I ask why I am not redirected to a 'normal' PayPal web page?
I presume you haven't used ebay recently. Nowadays you get an embedded paypal panel inside your ebay checkout page.

I just did an RS donation and the banner across the top is pretty minimal in my opinion.
It's using the standard API that Paypal provide. Maybe they have changed something at their end?