RS Failed Recording Checker‏


Hi I keep getting emails from remote scheduler as follows

Device: HumaxLounge (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)
At least one failed recording has been detected in your
media library. The following recording(s) failed:

This seems to happen every day.

Can not find any reference to it on machine or in remote scheduler.
Any help appreciated
Look for a recording with a 'lightening Bolt' against it or a Zero length recording

The RS checker looks for orphaned hmt files, so it could be that only the Emmerdale_20141009_1944.hmt is present (no Emmerdale_20141009_1944.ts file present) deleting the orphaned Emmerdale_20141009_1944.hmt file will stop the RS checker sending this message. You can check with Web-If >> Diagnostics >> File Editor >> Open >> Media - My Video, look for files starting Emmerdale_20141009_1944
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