RS Failed Recording Checker


I've started to get daily emails re at least one recording has been deleted in my media library. The reason is:


any help/advice appreciated.
Happened again this morning:

Device: humax (dc:d3:21:57:8c:b1) At least one failed recording has been detected in your media library. The following recording(s) failed: /Undeniable/Undeniable_20140414_2100
Go in with FTP or Telnet and see what's there. Neither the WebIF media browser nor the SUI give you a complete view of the file system.
I can go in via my pc browser and all seems ok. I've just had a look under Diag and run a Diagnostic test and all is OK. I also looked in the auto.log file and there were lots of similar entries both with status 0 and status 1 - but I'm not sure what these mean. An example is:
4 22:50 - Media scan starting, DLNA server status: 1
17/04/2014 22:50 - dedup scan completed in 0.344 seconds.
17/04/2014 22:50 - decrypt scan completed in 0.328 seconds.
17/04/2014 22:50 - shrink scan completed in 0.335 seconds.
17/04/2014 22:50 - mpg scan completed in 0.412 seconds.
17/04/2014 22:50 - mp3 scan completed in 0.446 seconds.
17/04/2014 22:50 - expire scan completed in 0.346 seconds.
17/04/2014 22:50 - Media scan completed in 2.356 seconds.
17/04/2014 23:00 - -------------------------------------------------------
17/04/2014 23:00 - Media scan starting, DLNA server status: 0
17/04/2014 23:00 - dedup scan completed in 0.33 seconds.
17/04/2014 23:00 - decrypt scan completed in 0.333 seconds.
17/04/2014 23:00 - shrink scan completed in 0.332 seconds.
17/04/2014 23:00 - mpg scan completed in 0.314 seconds.
17/04/2014 23:00 - mp3 scan completed in 0.327 seconds.
17/04/2014 23:00 - expire scan completed in 0.318 seconds.
17/04/2014 23:00 - Media scan completed in 2.105 seconds.
I have ftp'd into the box and as far I can tell all is OK. I have x number of recordings in the right folder - not sure what these emails refer to.
Do you have flatten or sweeper running?
I have had this message in the past where one of these packages has left me with a duplicate recording information file (not the main recording file).

I would check there isn't a .thm, .nts or .hmt file for Undeniable lying around in another folder
An orphan .hmt file can trigger the problem you are having, you should see this with FTP though. Check in the [Deleted Files] folder too if you have undelete installed.
I do not know what Flatten and Sweeper is so there are probably not running - unless they are default services. All I see is /, /media, /,media/My Music, /media/My Photos, /media/My Videos. There is nothing Undeniable.* in any of these folders. There is no, as far as I see, any orphan .hmt files, however, there were two files in My Videos that seemed odd. A 0B file called .series and another file on it's own called George Michael I'm Your Man2.hmi that was size 324B. I have deleted these two files so will see what happens. My Deleted Files folder is currently empty. Having deleted the two files I will see if I get another email. Thanks.
The "series." file is a flag that tells the Humax the folder is the target for a series recording. Similar files are used as flags by the WebIF auto-processes.

You should search for "Undeniable_20140414_2100.*" or "Undeniable*".
Found it - through ftp search. May I ask a 'dumb' question that I have yet to discover the answer. When you set up a series recording the programs obviously appear under the Yellow button in your scheduled recordings. When I no longer wish to see the series I can delete the scheduled records - is this the way you do it (per program)? Or is there somewhere else that lists all the series schedules you have requested?
There is nothing which lists series recording schedules separately from one-off recording schedules.

Series recordings have the "S" icon against them, and linger in the schedule list; one-offs are no longer in the list after they have been actioned - so the items in the listing are most likely to be series schedules anyway. Series schedules with no upcoming recordings within the current EPG range (7-8 days) are at the end of the list with "--" in the next recording time field, and will expire after three months or can be removed manually (at risk of not catching a future recording if the series has not in fact finished but is taking a break), or as a group by the WebIF clean-up operation.
I have noticed that my rs has not given me a failed warning email even though I have that setting enabled and I found failed recordings.
Is there a way to force another check manually rather than wait for the 6am automatic check? I was thinking of updating every package and try the check.