RS failed recording email


This morning I received the following email:

At least one failed recording has been detected in your
media library. The following recording(s) failed:


Bit baffled - it's not something I recognise or have booked. Also if the first numeric string is a date, why now? I can't see anything on the HDR media list.
Yes - I have enabled email notification so it's the content of the email that's puzzling me rather than the fact of getting mail from RS. I haven't recently scheduled anything via RS. There are 2 outstanding autos but neither match the message.
O.K. I though you was saying you didn't recognise the E-Mail feature. the numeric sting is a date (18DEC2012), It would be worth you running Web-If >> Diagnostics >> epgrange to see what the Humax is looking at e.g.:-
>>> Beginning diagnostic epgrange
Running: epgrange
Wed Feb  6 00:00:00 GMT 2013
Wed Mar  6 23:58:00 GMT 2013
>>> Ending diagnostic epgrange
Thanks BH - found the file and deleted it. If it was from mid December my son was staying so perhaps he tried to record it. I updated to RS 0.7.1 yesterday so presumably this check is a new feature, can't see why else it would pop up now.
All helps to understand the mysteries of Hummyland a bit better.