RS/ Local Schedule Discrepancy


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I tried to record a programme on a minor channel (Now 70s) and scheduled it with RS (remote scheduling). However a different program ended up in the schedule. It seems that RS and the local schedule on the machine are out of sync:
Blondie RS.jpg
Local schedule
Blondie Local.jpg
I have not seen this before but then it is a minor channel. I presume the schedule used for RS is uploaded to the server from user's machines? Is there some sort of regional element to this channel perhaps causing the discrepancy?


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The RS schedule is only updated once a day shortly after midnight from one machine in each region so does not show up any late schedule changes.
For example BBC has moved Pointless from BBC 1 to BBC 2 every day during the corona virus outbreak but often only updates the EPG around lunchtime so the change isn't seen by RS

Also RS has a problem where it sometimes has two copies of an programme in its cache and which is shown in the epg varies.
I can't find my last post on the subject at the moment
see for an example
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