RS MyVideo update


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Hi, I have been playing with your CF over the weekend and have got everything working after following the various guides you provide.
One issue I have not been able to resolve however is that from the RS interface, everything appears to update except the MyVideo listings showing what has been saved. I have one directory from Sunday morning when it was obviously updated. the Pie chart shows current memory usage with more recent recordings and scheduled events are going through.
Would be useful to see if stuff has been recorded remotely.

Have found answers to everything else on the forum but drawn a blank with this one.

Would like to add my thanks to all those who have contributed to the CF and this site- great stuff!


There are several commands that can be sent from the Web-If >> Diagnostics screen to update what is held on the Remote Schedule server, I guess in your case the last one would do the job :-

  • rs/chanpush = Initiates an instant send of channel information to Remote Scheduling server
  • rs/checkin = force a Remote Schedule update with :- /mod/sbin/rs_process now
  • rs/muxdump = runs /mod/bin/rs epg
  • rs/push = sends TBL_RESERVATION schedule and pending schedule data to RS Server
  • rs/sync = clear the local state cache and synchronise everything
You do see details of completed recordings in the log on the main screen but the My Video area should be updating too. It's possible that the upload can't be parsed for some reason - could you provide the unique ID for your device from the Settings screen in RS so I can investigate?
Thanks both for your replies.

It seems raising this was enough to maybe fix it! The files on the RS web page were updated at 4:30 AM (on wake up I guess) and then again at 08:11 but not since. I have added a few random recordings which were successful on the box but not picked up by the RS software.

I had tried a couple of the diagnostic commands but was a bit unsure of what I was doing. Have tried the RS/sync command and that did work but a bit limited if can only be used when on the local network.

As requested, unique identifier is 0209732031 if there is anything else I can set to ensure timely updates.

Thanks again for your time in looking at this.

I think if all expected entries were present on the RS at 4:30am, 08:11 and again after a rs/sync, I would say it is working correctly, your Humax won't be in constant contact with the RS server i.e. there will be a delay before new content turns up on the RS server
Disk contents is only synchronised at most once per day (unless you force it with diagnostic commands). It's a fairly intensive task (both at the Humax end and on the server).
Recordings are logged on completion in real-time though providing there's an Internet connection.