RS non existant failed recording


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Hi all,

I have RS set up on my box and for the last month I have been getting an email every morning informing me of a failed recording on the box, always the same recording, an old Britain's got talent (the other half's not mine!) but that recording was deleted from the box ages ago so doesn't exist, therefore I cant delete it.

RS when logging in tells me there is a failed recording, I click the trash can and it adds it to the schedule to delete but I assume as there isn't anything to delete it cannot complete the process so doesn't cancel the reminder and then continues to email me about it every day.

How can I fix this?


Run the rs/diskpush diagnostic on your Humax.
This should he happening each night so it may be failing for some reason. Running it by hand might shed some light on what is going on.
Thanks af123

Performed the diagnostic and it seemed to push everything to the server, didn't list BGT in the output, RS also reports it just saw the box and the offending failed recording message has gone.
I can only think the RS package stopped pushing the data to the server each night, although RS has reported seeing the box still.
I also reinstalled the RS package after everything just to make sure.

Fingers crossed it should have sorted it.