RS on Mobile Version of Chrome


The formatting of the mobile RS site on Chrome appears to have gone wrong.

The native browser on my HTC One is fine, but on Chrome, the formatting is all over the place!

I'll try to post an example


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I'm getting the same problem as the OP when using Chrome on my Galaxy Note 2. With the stock browser all is fine.

I get the same "basic text" look with Chrome in Linux Mint.

I only use RS occasionally so it's more of a "I'm intrigued why it does this" rather than a "how do I fix it" request.
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I'm having the same issue on my windows phone. When I first started using the remote access pages it worked well. On my windows phone it started (about 2 months ago??) doing the plain text thing.

I've tried both the stock windows phone 8.1 browser and also something called surfy, both of them look like the example above? As this is a different platform from the Android/Chrome it looks like it something to do with the site rather than something phone/browser specific?

Any suggestions?

no suggestions unfortunately, but its fine on the stock HTC browser, but not on chrome.

Seemed to coincide with the RS site becoming secure.
tried downloading a few different browsers to my windows phone, including a few that said "lite" or "fast", thinking that these may be somehow older and more compatible. Doesn't make any difference, I still get the text type screen.

Picture below of what it looked like:
one other thing I just stumbled across. I tried to open the mobile version on my PC using internet explorer, i.e. not using my phone, but using a desk computer. Initially it came up as the text type screen. However there was a box at the bottom of the screen saying "only secure content displayed, do you want to display all content", when I clicked "yes" it reverted to the proper screen. Unfortunately I don't seem to have and equivalent box or some sort of "trust site" box on my mobile browser on my windows phone.

Any suggestions?