Rubbish signal - Manual retune not helping...


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I’ve been trying some fixes for my HDR Fox T2, to get better signal quality, but am having difficulty.

The Humax less than 1 month old, but there are a handful of channels, maybe 5-6+ that regularly break up, and sometimes completely un-watchable, e.g BBC1, CH4, BBC2.

I should note, I don’t get any of these problems with the tuner in my TV.

One thing I noticed when first installing, it asked me to choose my region. There were 3 options

  • East Midlands
  • Anglia
  • North

I’m in West Norfolk, so my region is Anglia, however no matter what I select, East Midlands defaults to CH 1. Same happens if I choose North.

The Anglia and North regional BBC channels appear in the 800 list, but Anglia breaks up a lot, whereas North is fine, as is East Mids. I’m used to having North as Anglia can be weak (weirdly) around here, although it’s much better than is was 10-20 years ago. It’s fine at my parents, about 8 miles away.

I’ve been to the Digitaluk website and checked for the best transmitter. The one with most green bars is Tacolneston, which I jotted down the numbers for (Heading ‘N’).

E.g: 55, 59, 62, 42 45 50

When I do a manual search under these numbers no channels are found. So I don’t seem to be able to solve it using the common solution on this website. (can't post link, but guess you know what i mean)

If I do an auto search and check the Signal Detection, I get channels: 22, 25, 28, 29, 30, 53, 60. All of these have at least 75% signal strength, except 49 and 61, which are below 50%

Finally, I can’t work out how to move channels around. E.g 860 needs to be 1.

Any help appreciated
On the Digitaluk website, did you enter your postcode and your house number, and tick detailed view? and if so, what was the most likely transmitter?
On the Digitaluk website, did you enter your postcode and your house number, and tick detailed view? and if so, what was the most likely transmitter?
Hi - yes i entered my postcode and house number and used detailed view.

Most likely transmitter was Waltham (Central), 84 km distance.

Closest is King's Lynn (Anglia), 10km

Transmitter with best signal is Tacolneston (Anglia) 54km, all green reception bars

Screengrabs attached


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Install firmware 1.02.32 and try a re-tune. Selecting the correct transmitter is supposed to be one of the fixes. It is certainly half broken in 1.02.29.
Failing that, do a manual tune for Belmont - 22, 25, 28, 30, 53, 60
You need to check which way your aerial is pointing, compare it with the bearing given in the table for each transmitter.
OK - it's a communal ariel on some flats, not sure I can see it, but will check tomorrow.

My firmware is 1.02.29 so will update it. Hopefully it will help!
Release notes for 1.02.32 appear to match the problems I'm having!!

- Resolved Region selection when tuning
- Improved tuning when multiple transmitters detected
- Resolved TV Portal > Internet Radio issues

Here's hoping!
You could try 1.02.32, but you would be better doing a manual tune using the correct frequencies. You say that your TV is tuned OK, is it possible to find out what frequencies it is tuned to via the menus?
If you're adding channels manually, remember to start an auto-search first and then abort it immediately, this will 'clear out' all the existing channels that you're trying to replace (i.e. the ones with the poor signal). If you do that and then manually add the 6 multiplexes that you want, you shouldn't have any channels in the 800's.
It might be worthwhile looking in the menus on your TV to discover the RF channels which it is tuning to. If the TV is performing well, try to duplicate those RF channels on the Humax.
If you're receiving signals from multiple transmitters, you might be able to do an automatic retune if you plug/unplug the antenna at the appropriate points in the retune. For example, I receive signals from Crystal Palace, Blue Bell Hill, and Heathfield. As I want to use Crystal Palace, I can unplug the antenna after the Humax has scanned channel 30 (Blue Bell Hill and Heathfield both have all their channels above all those used by Crystal Palace).
Thanks all for the help. The firmware update has helped a lot – I’m getting better channels and more relevant regional selections now.

However, I seem to be getting another problem now, which I’ll start in another thread…