Sale forum?


Hi Mods and forum people.

I wanted to ask permission to post a small advert as I am selling my hdr fox t2. I thought this would be a good place as I know whoever buys it from this customised firmware forum will really take care of it and my main goal is for it to find a good home! (I just don't use it anymore :( )

If however this is inappropriate could you delete this thread and send me a message informing me asuch.

Until I get some permission I wont be engaging in any bartering or price listing.


There have been one or two examples of items being offered informally, and there is an argument for having a "for sale" forum section.

However, I perceive a difficulty with security - how would we ensure some fly-by-night doesn't offer an item and disappear when he has the money? For that reason, I think it is best kept a low-key activity. It is reasonable to post that there is an unwanted item, and maybe an indication of how much one might part with it for, but after that negotiations should be conducted by private conversation and it is up to the buyer and seller to come to an amicable arrangement regarding payment and delivery and the security of such.

This topic is hardly Custom Firmware fodder. It could be moved to the HDR-FOX section, but considering the content maybe it should be under Forum Issues.
I would be happy to set up a new forum section for sales or wants, if there is sufficient interest.
...with a warning in big letters that accepts no liability for the accuracy of advertisements or the outcome of any arrangements made.