Samba and HDR


I installed samba on my Humax in the hope of browsing the Humax hard drive on my computer, so I could delete backed up programs, but I dont seem to be able to do this, infact I cant even tell the humax what workgroup I'm on I don't see the setting for it.

Is it possible to do what I am trying to do ? I think the auto mount works by letting your Humax see and use your computer hard drive, but I wanted to do it the other way.




I know I can use the gui, but I would like to be able to search the Humax hard drive via my mac.


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It is possible, but I noticed the word "mac"... If you are using osx Lion or later, smb to the Humax doesn't work, as Apple's new implementation only supports the latest version of the protocol, and samba on the box doesn't.

However you can use the nfs protocol instead - there are some details on this thread.

Another alternative is to reinstate the original samba on the mac using SMBup though I've not tried it on Mountain Lion.
I would not call the Humax junk by any means, and it has always done what they said it would do. The Mac however despite being 'The worlds most advanced OS' has given me problems (many problems) but I still think its better than windows in many respects. What I meant to say and probably did not, is that my mac is able to connect to every other device using SMB that it needed to, this includes all my windows computers, and all my NAS boxes both from Qnap and WesternDigital, both ShareSpace and MybookWorlds, in fact SMB has never been a problem (until) now, its always been AFP thats been the pain.

I'll just fire up VMware and do what I need - its no biggy.

This new firmware on the other hand is the best thing thats ever happened to my Humax, I'm amazed at what these talented people have done with the thing, life is good :).