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'Samba' showing only 64MB space on laptop

Discussion in 'HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware' started by Will C, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Will C

    Will C New Member

    Hello, first post here - please be gentle.

    Apologies if the title is inaccurate. I have installed the Samba package on my Humax and I can connect to it from my laptop. I see the the folders (My Video, My Music, My Photo) but it always says that there is only 64MB available and will not allow me to copy anything larger over - in reality I have over 700GB free. I have copied small video files across and the Humax can play them without issue.
    Unlike most people I wish to put files onto the Humax HD to play as this would be the easiest way for me - I have tried DLNA and it is OK but not as elegant for me.
    Anyone any idea what might be going wrong. I believe the Humax firmware is up to date as are all the packages. I use Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my laptop.

    Apols is this has been covered elsewhere - I have not been able to find it.

  2. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    A network share won't show up the correct free capacity - don't worry about it. An alternative is to use FTP.
  3. Will C

    Will C New Member

    I was unaware of that - thanks for your response.

    I am not worried about it, sadly the OS is and will not copy a file across if there is apparently insufficient space. Is there a way for Samba on the Humax to not report the available space?

    I can use ftp but this means I have to download the file to the laptop then copy it across (2 hops), I would like a single hop method.

    Is there an internet browser coming for the humax?
  4. James

    James Member

    Like he said - use FTP instead. There are many FTP clients avalible on the net.

    I don't think anybody is working on a browser so to speak as there is going to be a major issue with inputting addresses without a keyboard - I think people have tried USB keyboards without much luck

    FYI the box does have a browser built into it from scratch which is what drived the portals, and will display any HTML file you point it at, however the formating is usualy quite interesting, and does not have any media extensions like flash, or silverlight etc so will only display basic pages.
  5. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    Take a look at File Exchange Protcol (FXP) - see HERE (click)
  6. Will C

    Will C New Member

    Thanks James, I may have to resort to ftp (I already have a client) - shame as it is not as elegant for what I want to do.

    However, I am most interested in the browser built in - it may be a much better solution to what I am trying to do - assuming I can download linked files with it to the internal HD. The website I download from is very basic - how do I access the browser?
  7. Will C

    Will C New Member

    Thanks - will do.
  8. xyz321

    xyz321 Well-Known Member

    If you change the line 'path = /media' to 'path = /mnt/hd2' within the file /mod/etc/smb.conf, the correct disk size should be shown. The disadvantage of doing this is that any external disks will not appear but you could share them separately by adding another section to the file.

    A longer term 'fix' might be to get mdev to create and remove the shares dynamically when a USB disk is attached/detached.
  9. Will C

    Will C New Member

    Thanks xyz321, will give this a try, I don't use external drives so this should be no problem.
  10. Will C

    Will C New Member

    Thanks xyz123 - it's working - took me a little while to work out how to modify it as my Linux skills are rather basic but was an excellent learning process.
  11. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    The easy way would have been to use the editor incorporated into the WebIF diagnostics page.
  12. Will C

    Will C New Member

    I wish I had spotted that - I know now - cheers