Samba woes


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This has been annoying me for a while (but I can't remember when it started).
On my Linux box (Mint 17.1), when I try and look at the Humax via the Network Servers icon, it gives me a useless error message which says "Unable to mount location. Failed to retrieve share list from server: Connection timed out".
So I poked about a bit on the command line with a couple of Ubuntu versions as well.
Trying "smbclient -L" from each of these to the others reveals:
Mint/Ubuntu 14 (Samba 4.1.6) to Ubuntu 12 (Samba 3.6.3) is OK.
Mint/Ubuntu 14 to Humax (Samba 2.2.12) fails.
Ubuntu 12 to Humax is OK.
Humax to Ubuntu 12 is OK.
Humax to Mint/Ubuntu 14 is OK.
Ubuntu 12 to Mint/Ubuntu 14 is OK.

The error message when it fails is:
convert_string_talloc: Conversion error: Incomplete multibyte sequence()
Conversion error: Incomplete multibyte sequence()
protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER

A brief browse of the Samba source (for 4.1.16, which I haven't tried) shows the bit in brackets is the string it's trying to convert, which is obviously null. I don't understand why without more debug, and there isn't any. Anyhow, I guess it's debatable as to which end is at fault. So, the $64K question is... is it possible to get a newer Samba on the T2 or can anyone suggest what else might be done to fix this?