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Same programme on BBC1 and BBC2 on Saturday

FIFA Women's World Cup Quarter-Final: Germany v Sweden is scheduled for Saturday June 29th 17:15 - 19:45 on BBC1.

It is also scheduled for Saturday June 29th 17:15 - 19:30 on BBC2.

It's in the hummy EPG and it's on the official FreeView site.

The Radio Times site has what I hope are correct listings, with the match on BBC1 and Glastonbury on BBC2 at 16:30 - 18:30.

Trouble is, this will screw the Glastonbury recording if it is not fixed.

Andy Fox

New Member
My HDR T2 shows football on BBC1 and BBC2 for Saturday as well, on Sutton Coldfield transmitter. Hope it sorts itself out soon.


Number 28
I've just rechecked here (Waltham) and my EPG (as received off-air by the Humax HDR 2000T) is showing the "correct" schedule.
As you were! Now that it has had chance to update itself the Humax is now showing the same match on both channels. Pointless! What's the betting it's on the red button as well. WTF. To quote the former Top Gear presenters "How hard can it be?"


My guess is that the BBC hadn't decided which channel to show it on, so blocked out both channels.

I dare say, the decision has now been taken, but not everyone has been informed!


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RS has, finally, sorted itself out for me
I have never been able to fully understand how RS (doesn't) works when schedules change.