Saorview in Northern Ireland


Just wondering if anyone else on the forum is in Northern Ireland?

We can get analog RTE in Belfast OK (sadly I dont have a rooftop Aerial)

I am wondering is the Humax picking up the new SAORVIEW Digital service (due for full launch in 2012) I believe they are using DVB-T2 so the HDR Fox T2 should pick the test service OK.

I have been reading

If so, I would invest in a standard Aerial and get it on the roof sometime early next year ready for it!

(because I live so close to Divis I use a shite indoor aerial)

Many people already can receive Saorview in parts of all six counties. North Antrim has the worst reception. After 2012 the signal will be much better as Analogue is turned off North and South, and Power in the NI directions is increased. If Ka-Sat launch is successful (end of December 2010), then the Saorsat service will be available on a 40cm to 90cm dish depending on location. See the Saorsat pages.
A Freeview TV or Freeview “setbox” will not work with Saorview (even if it claims to be HD Ready or Full HD, it won’t work, net ever with N.I. HD either). You might get the Radio channels. You need either a Saorview or “Freeview HD” certified TV (or add-on Set-Box). A “Freeview HD” or “Freeview+ HD” TV or Box is recommended, even if you don’t have HDTV, as it will “down-convert” UK HD after 2012 and Irish HD.
For N.I. viewers the only sensible choice is “Freeview HD” certified TV or Set-box (or “Freeview+ HD”) as Analogue is getting turned off, North and South at the end of 2012 and it will receive today’s Irish Digital TV (Saorview) and UK HD after 2012.