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Hi Team!

First post.......

I have a Foxsat HDR with Raydons excellent software and the patch to watch HD on my networked Vero4k in another room. It is all very good. The only issue is live TV is V clunky where I have to find the 0.ts file on the Vero4k, change channels on the Humax in the other room, wait 5 seconds and then press play on the Vero4k...then it all works good. I wanted to use the TVHeadend on my Vero4k linked to my there anyway to do this?

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Is it really necessary to quibble
I prefer to describe it as tongue in cheek, but each to his own.

OK, I'll quibble about that - why should we have to look it up, and where on that page is this thing described as a "TVHeadend"?

I notice you didn't attempt to answer the query, just had a go at me.

My reading of this is that the Vero thingy is just a Linux box, so there is no reason at all it can't be programmed to access 0.ts in the required manner.


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I wanted to use the TVHeadend on my Vero4k linked to my there anyway to do this?
I don't think that the Humax can deliver the sort of output which TVHeadend can use.
I remember thinking along those lines to get a solution in a holiday house, and came to the conclusion that I'd need a satellite tuner which can provice the channels in a form which allows for suitanle selection.
Others may have different opinions.


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Ok boys ...please put your toys back in the pram.......first post and could be my last such is the feeling...

Anyhow's, back to my first post....just asking with Kodi installed on Vero4k, Android box, I can access my Humax recorded programmes but live streaming is problematic where you have to manually change channel, wait about 5 seconds and the press play on the Vero4k box.

So the question is just can you watch Live tv from one Humax box to another network streamed player in the other room. So, in effect it is the same experience, as in you can change channels in real time.




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The FOXSAT-HDR isn't really meant to be a Sat IP gateway. 0.ts is an artifact of how the live TV pause/rewind works.
You can force the channel to change from the virtual remote in the web interface (and there might even be an android app that can do this)

Slightly off topic for a Humax forum; but I have been thinking about what to do when my FOXSAT-HDR finally breaks and I have been experimenting with TVheadend on an amlogic box (A95X-F1 with Amlogic S905W)
I added a couple of DVB-T2 tuners (the Xbox one tuners are cheap on ebay)
I boot coreelec from an SDcard and there is a docker image which includes TVheadend.

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first post and could be my last such is the feeling
No need for that. Newbies' Guide to the Forum (click):
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