Saving HiDef (and other Enc) files - does this work?

Yes it is true. I tiny majority will have ever heard of them. I haven't. Are those Freeview/Freesat boxes? Neither, I suspect, have 95+% of the population who go to Currys and buy a Freeview/Freesat PVR.
I remain baffled... given that the material (even HD) is transmitted in the clear, and is trivial to record given a DVB PCI or USB tuner, and a PC, what exactly is the point of all this?
It is a bit strange that you can obtain these tuners - plug into your PC and you can record and save. With most Freeview boxes can you even save StdDef? I suppose the media companies (especially in the US) will moan about piracy reducing the sales of DVD/Blu-ray. So they clamp down on the PVR manufacturers, forgetting that plug in tuners are available.
It's not even as though they can argue that only a few people can do that, but the masses can't: isn't it true that you can buy pre-configured OpenElec/XMBC boxes now?
... tiny majority will have ever heard of them. I haven't. Are those Freeview/Freesat boxes?
Yes, never heard of OpenElec/XMBC either.
What the tech-savvy can do isn't relevant, and even the tech-savvy wouldn't be able to set up EPG-guided recordings if it wasn't for somebody having released the EPG decoding method into the "wild". That's the key part.
No, I suppose. But it still seems madness to transmit something in the clear if want to keep it protected.

i.e. there is nothing to stop someone mass-producing one of these boxes, and using any of the well-known Internet EPG sources. Once that happens, and it surely can't be long, then that's it.

After all, the cat's already out of the bag...
Nonetheless, for a commercial organisation to use the EPG data legally, they have to agree a licence with the copyright holders for that data. Are the "well known Intenet sources of EPG data" truly licence-free, or are they actually illegal rips of copyright data? Do they track schedule changes in real time? What about AR?

This subject is comparable with MP3 encoders, and exFAT, being copyright- your open-source audio editor can only export MP3 if you import an MP3 encoder from elsewhere.

What we do individually probably annoys the industry, but it's not worth their time pursuing because they would have to prove damages, and the cost of pursuing it would far outweigh any damages they might be awarded from an individual. If it were Humax (for example), on the other hand, they would be a business with a known sales figure and a commercial value to sue for.
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Back to the original thread idea for a minute...

At the risk of wasting everyones time again - here is an alternative.
I've tried this on a 2000T and it works - but will it work on the 4000T?
A quick scan of the 4000T manual doesn't answer this question. You can copy a recorded programme from the Humax to a USB drive (from the Humax menu). But, if you delete the original from the internal HDD, can you copy the programme from the USB drive back to the same position on the internal HDD? *
If so, here is another variation on the method described earlier that might work.

I recorded a 1 minute clip from 5 live sports extra [R5SX] - being the smallest StdDef programme I could find. "5 live Formula 1_20160514_1318"
Also recorded NCIS from 5HD. "New_ NCIS_20160514_2058" (Yes, I did use padding!)
ftp'd all the R5SX files (except .ts) to my PC along with the "New_ NCIS_20160514_2058.ts" file.
On PC: Rename "New_ NCIS_20160514_2058.ts" to "5 live Formula 1_20160514_1318.ts"
Still on PC: Place all the files on a USB device, remove and insert USB device into Humax.
Use the Humax copy to upload files from USB device to Humax.*
At this point the Formula 1 files are unplayable. But if I ftp the "5 live Formula 1_20160514_1318.ts" file back to the PC it has already been decrypted. (Remember, this is really NCIS in HiDef)

*Is this possible on the 4000T, or - as I suspect - does this apply
...I was permitted to FTP them to the 'Downloads' folder, then found that I could move it to the 'Videos' folder, but this only moved the TS file, the NTS, HJM, & HJTSM files remained in the 'Downloads' folder.
where you could read 'USB drive' for 'Downloads'. Even so, might be worth checking whether .ts file is still encrypted.