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Hey folks, apologies if there is a thread on this already. When I go to Menu/Settings/System/Signal Detection and change the channel, my selection doesn't save.

The channel selected is 26, which has poor signal, channel 52 has the strongest signal, when I select channel 52 and leave the menu, it automatically changes back to 26.. No matter what button I press to leave the menu - Menu, Back, Exit or Guide.. I go back to Signal Detection and its back to 26.

Anyone had this problem? I'm probably missing something pretty simple here!! :confused:


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Signal detection is just signal detection, it doesn't change your live channel. I don't understand what you are trying to do, the multiplex on channel 52 must be tuned otherwise it would not be available in signal detection, so why not just choose the service from the channel 52 multiplex the normal way?

If you want to know which mux any particular service is on, press OK when viewing live to get the service list up, highlight one of interest and press "i" - this will bring up a panel showing the details for that service.

Is it that 26 and 52 are the same mux from different transmitters? If so you really need to check out Things Every... (click) section 2.