Schedule priorities.


Having missed a few recordings because of recording priorities I was wondering if there could be a separate schedule on the webif for priority recordings (e.g. SWMBOs' soaps and series). Could the cf not monitor for conflicts ensuring SWMBOs recordings are highest priority and when the box goes back into standby the power on package makes updates to the schedule? Then the next time the webif is accessed the error log could say "recording xxxx on xx/mm/yy not done because of conflict with ..... " like other webif errors appear?
  • Webif 1.3.0 already has 3 tabs for schedule ,one more for SWMBOs stuff wouldn't clutter and it has the ability to skip selected episodes in a series.

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Non-conflicting future recordings can become conflicting due to unpredictable circumstances - such as a late-running live broadcast. It would be very hard to deal with that, and if the conflict is not due to AR-type circumstances, the user has adequate warning and can take his own measures.

If the priority recording is to be recorded from standby, there would need to be a reboot between the spotting of a conflict and the wake-up to record the priority.