Scheduled reset


Hi all
My HD Fox T2 has strted this problem about a week ago.
When switched on with remote it displays in the LED just after fully powering up the number one for BBC1 then
'schd rest'
then it resets its self as though the front reset button has been pushed it then appears to work completly normally all the time Im using it.
If I power down with remote and start again the same thing happens.
Web interface version: 1.3.4-14
Custom firmware version: 3.00 (build 2130)
Humax Version: 1.02.31 (kernel HD_1.02.31)
Loader Version: L7.27
System ID: 806c.7000
Can anyone shed any light on this its allmost as if there is a seting been set to do this.
Thanks all
I thought the empty schedule problem was supposed to have been solved a while back, but since I never have an empty schedule I didn't pay much attention to the discussion.
It is worth checking all packages are up to date
Thanks Myms. Saved me going back to look.;) But that's where I got the info from and compared with my box which I know is up to date.
I stand corrected (must have missed the announcement). Strange though that, if the box is set to auto-update, it has got 'stuck' on 1.3.4
Hi thanks for all the advice for some reason the auto update package had been disabled probably due to a crash that I was unaware of as I do not do much maintenance with the bedroom machine. It all seems to be working fine now after doing a fix flash package, after I noticed the auto update package was not in the settings list option.
Chhers all for advice.