Mrs Snowman

Hi guys, When I set recordings from my PC it says at the top that a restart is necessary to confirm these recordings. So after I had set my recordings yesterday I put my Humax into standby for 5 mins then back on again, but the schedules still didn't show in my yellow button list. By 10pm last night (I set them 4pm) they still weren't showing. I've got up this morning and they are they are there now. Can someone explain what I did wrong yesterday and how long it should take for the Humax to pick the schedules up from my PC? Thanks :)
There are two ways to set recordings from your P.C. 1) By using the Web-If and 2) By using the Remote Scheduling Server. I am guessing you are using the second option, in which case, when the Humax wakes up it needs to contact the remote server, so maybe it couldn't make contact, your Humax would need access to the internet for this to happen
Hi Ezra, I'm just using the online guide and clicking on the prog I want to record. My Humax is connected to the internet. My Humax was on and I was watching it while I was setting the recordings but it didn't pick them up. If my humax is on while I'm setting recordings, should they show right away? I'm still not sure what I'm doing wrong?
Please confirm: are you using the Remote Scheduling web site, or the EPG in the Web Interface served from the Humax itself? If in doubt state the URL given in your browser address bar.
Ive just set 2 more recordings and they didn't show up. So I put the humax into standby then back on again and they are there now.

So, to set recordings, I need to switch the Humax off for a few minutes before it will pick the recordings up ......yes?
O.K. so you are not using Remote Scheduling. You wont see any change on your T.V. screen display until you have put the Humax into standby (wait 30 seconds) and then turned it back on again. changes made by the Web-If are only 'transferred' to the TV screen menu when the Humax is first turned on
O.K. so you are not using Remote Scheduling. You wont see any change on your T.V. screen display until you have put the Humax into standby and then turned it back on again. changes made by the Web-If are only 'transferred' to the TV screen menu when the Humax is first turned on

Ok thanks Ezra, thats what I did yesterday and 6 hours later they still weren't there? :(

If I use remote scheduling will they show without having to switch it off and on again?
Ok the url is this >>> cgi-bin/epg/service.jim?service=22208
Right, so that's the WebIF.

When you schedule something from the WebIF, it is added to a 'pending' queue because it cannot be inserted into the main scheduling queue while the Humax code is running. Having clicked on a programme in the EPG page and then the "record programme" button (and closed the pop-up) the message at the top of the page says that a restart is required - but not necessarily right away, just as long as a restart will happen on one occasion prior to the recording time. You can at this point click the "restart now" button, but occasionally the Humax will fail to boot up again on its own and you have to go press the power button.

Once you think you have scheduled a programme, even without a restart take a look at the "Scheduled Events" page on the WebIF. That will list the actual scheduled events and also the pending events awaiting a restart. If your programme does not appear in the pending list it won't be added at restart, if your programme does appear here and it is not being added to the schedule at restart there is something going wrong.
The remote scheduling needs the Humax to contact it periodically and then download any pending operations, and then functions as per the WebIF scheduling. Let's find out why WebIF scheduling isn't working for you first.

The advantage of the remote scheduling is that you can do it away from home (as long as you have set the Humax to check in periodically), and also that it has a better search which can alert you by email or set a recording automatically.
Ok, thanks guys, thats how I thought it works, so I wasn't doing anything wrong yesterday. Between setting the schedules on PC at 4pm and rebooting the humax 3 times between then and 10pm, my schedules were not added to the actual Humax and I have no idea why. On doing the same thing today, they are appearing straight after I reboot. I've done it 3 times now and it seems to be working as it should.

Appreciate your help black and Ezra, if it happens again I will go into the schedules on the PC and tell you what it says (ie pending etc) as I didn't do that the last time, although they must have been there as all 15 of them were on my Humax by 9am this morning after it being on standby all night.

Cheers guys :)
The most likely explanation is that your Humax didn't really go completely to sleep. Perhaps because it was recording or about to record when you put it into standby.
How long is this "about to record" period? 15 minutes?
I noticed that I couldn't get it to go to sleep in order to install the latest firmware. There was a recording due about 10 minutes hence, so I just had to switch it off on the switch at the back. Confused me at the time, but with hindsight it's obvious.
Yes, With Accurate Recording working the Humax will wake up from stand-by 15 Mins. before the EPG start time. I guess if padding is enabled (which disables AR) that the 'about to record' time will be changed to what ever the 'Start Padding' is set to, so you could get zero warning
Thanks. Is there a way to force it to sleep gracefully then, without the (rather brutal) turn it off/on again method?
No I don't think there is, during the 'about to record' phase, I suppose you could kill the humaxtv process but I wouldn't recommend it
Not that I know other than to cancel the scheduled recording or maybe enable padding temporarily. Killing the humaxtv process causes an immediate less-than-graceful restart.
Does killing the humaxtv process mean it will read the pending schedule items and incorporate them when it restarts? Or does it need a full Linux reboot?
I think that needs a reboot, in order to run processes before humaxtv runs (which locks access to a lot of stuff)