Screen colour problems if turn on while recording in standby


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Hi - I have a Fox HDR T2 connected by Scart to an 8-year old Panasonic TV (not HD or remotely smart so just acting as a monitor).

If the unit is recording in standby mode when I turn it on, the screen colour has no red in it - the picture is a ghostly blue/green - both on live channels and recorded programmes. This only corrects itself when the recording finishes and I turn the Humax off and on again.

When the unit is on, and I am watching a programme when it starts to record another channel, this problem doesn't occur. (and my old 9200 didn't do this either.)

I spoke to Humax tech services but they couldn't help. Any ideas? Is it my TV or something in my settings?
As you are using SCART it seems pretty clear that the problem is with the Humax. We are already aware it isn't very happy if it is recording in standby when you turn it on, and this looks like another example.

Somebody else might be able to replicate this, if so we can say it is a "feature". If on the other hand nobody else is able to replicate it and the problem is isolated to your HDR in particular, you will have to make a judgement whether it is worth a warranty replacement.
OK. It's only a couple of weeks old and I got it from John Lewis so returning it shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to turn the 'power save in standby' off when I get home tonight as I see from other threads that that can cause problems.

What happens if it is a 'feature'?
If it is common to HDRs, a warranty replacement will do the same thing so it wouldn't be worth the hassle. Let's see if somebody can confirm. We do have problems with HDMI syncing when a box is turned on while recording.

PSS doesn't cause any problems, it is only a question of which is appropriate for you. If you use the aerial output to feed other equipment (eg a TV) that will be in use when the Humax is off, you need PSS set to "off". However, as I believe you are using the Humax as a digibox for a pre-digital TV, you are probably fine with PSS = on.

More info in "Things Every..." (link below), section 7.