Screen Saver?


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On Foxsat-HDR there was a screen saver function for use when listening to radio channels - does this exist on 1100S?
All my TVs (Samsung, LG) have screen-off capability. In the case of Samsung, it's Menu >> Picture >> Picture Off.
I suspect the OP meant a screen saver that kicks in automatically rather than having to explicitly turn the screen off.
Thanks for the responses guys but you were correct Trev, I meant a screensaver rather than a work-round. My TV (Samsung UE40EH500) doesn't have a 'picture off' feature.
Have you scrolled down far enough on the Menu >> Picture sub-menu? It's off the end of the list as first displayed, but there are more options further down.

(Update: this is incorrect - a combination of trying to explain why DM's results were different, and mis-remembering how I do it.)
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Yes definitely been through all the options on the menu and no 'picture off' setting. Not quite so pressing now as I have found that the screen is blank on most radio stations anyway, only the BBC ones display a banner with 'to activate screensaver press green' which results in the banner disappearing and the text 'to deactivate screen saver press green' appearing at random positions on screen . Might save the screen but very annoying.
Sorry - my bad. The info I gave was for my UE32H5000 (not EH5000). For my UE32EH5000:

Menu >> System >> Eco Solution >> Energy Saving >> Picture Off

There's now't like consistency! What's more, the H5000 has the Eco Solution menu as well, but without the Picture Off option.