Screen Settings

Mister Steve

New Member
Evening - in the last week, my Youview box is displaying in Wide-Zoom setting on my Sony TV (it's a KDL42W653).

I'm sure that the TV is set to display in Full 16:9 mode across all of it's inputs, and I've reset it time and again to make sure, but every time I switch on the box, it's zoomed. I can't see anything in the Humax settings to make sure it's sending a 16:9 signal.

I guess I have two questions:
Is it possible for the Humax to be sending the wrong screen-size input signal?
Does anyone know of a setting I might have changed by accident?

Thanks for the reply Black Hole - the DTR1010 doesn't seem to have a wide button. I've discovered that all the EXT inputs on my TV are displaying in Wide Zoom, so I must have done something to the TVs settings. I'm my own worst enemy.