Searching for the Perfect DLNA Client (Windows)

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As you may have read elsewhere, I installed XBMC and I have issues with it as a Windows program. For one thing it doesn't play nicely - I can't find a way to reduce it to a window rather than taking over the whole screen other than to minimise it to the task bar, so you can't keep it running while you do something else in the background.

The other killer is no fast play forwards/backwards, or skip. the controls are there, but don't work so that may be something to do with the Humax. Pain though. However, it's the first thing I've tried which actually works.

I tried Windows Media Player, which could see the Humax but not play the video until I installed the K-Lite codec pack, but I probably made a mess of that because once the video played at all it was jerky.

So, what else is there, and which is the best?
Try splash player seems to work also posted this in another thread

I had a similar experience, It was working fine, ( I know " if it ain't broke don't fix it" ) updated my codecs to the one you mention and found exactly the same ( stuttery sound, frozen video), so I did a restore to a previous version and it work again. Can only assume new K-lite codecs are at fault.
Picked this up from another forum
"I got it working by installing the K-Lite Basic codec pack. After install using the default settings I solved the audio glitches and video stuttering by going to
Start>All programs>K-Lite Codec Pack>Configuration>ffdshow audio decoder. In the configuration window I went to DirectShow control and set 'Multiple ffdshow instances' to 'none-disabled'."
Worth a try !! My version of the codec is at least a year old.
Have you tried XBMC that works but is a fully functioning media server.
ON another thread "Baffled " Splash player seems to be given a green light. Frustrating to say the least, quess I was just lucky mine worked straight away
Senior moment !! I used splash player to see if it would play back HD files, but I seem to remember reading someone using it as a dlna server. I've messed about with so many different servers in the past few weeks its hard, at my age, to remember.
So, what else is there, and which is the best?
Not sure there is such a thing. However, you might want to look at the Media Manager from WHS uses the DLNA-compliant Media server, and in the context of the T2 works better for me the the Windows UPnP server on the same machine; more flexible in terms of setting up a tree structure. Anyway, since I've never used the client I can't speak as to its degree pf perfection or otherwise, but it is certainly another DLNA client from a bunch whose DLNA server works pretty well.
It works well, now streaming ITV player. Can't seem to get anything back from the hummy but thats probably in the settings. Unfortunately you have to pay for this prog $25 don't know if I like it that much!!!
I seem to have several new possibilities to try:

Linux VLC running in a virtual machine
Get WMP to work
XBMC running in a virtual machine (in an effort to tame it)
GOM Player

What I am looking for:
  • Faultless playback of StDef by DLNA from the Humax;
  • FF/RW minimum, preferably skip, and also drag time marker (like iPlayer);
  • window or full screen;
  • playback of HiDef a bonus. other words, as convenient as iPlayer or I might as well carry on using iPlayer.
No DLNA in MPC-HC. It also falls over badly when it encounters changed audio streams within a TV programme. I ran some tests: see here (post #11).
Media Player Classic uses K-lite codec pack and the latest codecs do not work. I use an old version 4,6 , quite old never use MPC so I've never upgraded, this version 4.6 works really well. I spent hours last week trying to get the new ones to work with no sucess at all !
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Did you manage to 'tame' XBMC ? I use iy with my Foxsat-HDR and I have it running in a window by choosing System from the main menu, then choosing System again on the displayed settings page and then finally changing the 'Display Mode' to Windowed. I can also scroll forwards and backwards through a video using the scroll wheel on my mouse. The fast forward button works but the rewind functionality is a bit iffy. I stick to the scroll wheel. This functionality is the same if I use XBMC with PS3 Media Server (which I use to stream files from my PC to my TV.
I'm using Windows Vista.

brianmt, that sounds fantastic, $25 well spent for free football streams to yr tv! have you only tried the site you mention, i veer towards, but assume the one u use has direct links? gonna give it a go tomorrow.
Wild Media server works and streams well to my Hummy for instance I can stream files from Megaupload ( google icefilms). Not easy to set up but.....
I've used for a couple of years now and the streaming and content is great but it ain't free £6 for a couple of months wll worth it my grandson would say !!