Seemingly random signal breakups - viewing & recording


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A bit stuck on this one, so asking for some help (or similar experiences).

I've been starting to get 'seemingly random' breakups in the signal, i.e. usual digital style interference (from odd blocky areas to complete no picture).

I say 'seemingly random' because I can't work out a logical pattern. However, it does seem that some scheduled recordings always have problems whilst others (on the same channel) do not.

Just before some of the bad recordings, I checked the live signal and it was OK, only to find the recording went bad part way through. But, sometimes the signal was already bad and powering off/on (quickly via the red handset power button - so not a full power down) fixed the problem and the recording was OK.

I have 2 HDR-Fox T2s and both have started experiencing this issue - but one (the most used) is worse than the other.

I have started scheduling important programmes (i.e. my wife's :) ) on both - result is that recordings will be OK on one and not on the other - but again, no pattern I can identify.

Both boxes receive signal from the same aerial. The one connected to the main TV which provides pass through to the TV can be showing a broken signal when switching to the TV itself shows the same channel fine.

Both boxes currently have latest CF installed, but I tried removing it from one of them and it still got broken recordings/signals some I'm ruling that out at the moment.

As usual, any help appreciated.
Could you give us signal strength and quality readings from the Humax when reception is OK and when reception is bad?
MartinLiddle - Sure - should have made a note of those before but will come back with some info. once collected.

Ezra Pound - TV viewing on Humax has issues too - so not just a hard disk problem. I did run SMART test from CF, which showed everything is OK. When I get chance I'll try those things too though - in case they show anything up.
TV viewing on Humax has issues too - so not just a hard disk problem.
Ah , O.K. it's strange that both Humaxs are fed from the same aerial but they produce different recording results. As far as signal Quality / Strength is concerned, it is quite normal for Quality to = 100% BUT, Strength can be too high, I would suspect it if Strength is above 80%. Also look for fluctuations in Quality / Strength, ideally it shouldn't vary too much
Overdue update

Tried for a while to figure out a pattern and couldn't. At some point, noticed that the CF was not up to date (was 1 version out IIRC), so upgraded that. Then left it again for a bit and went on holiday.

Just got round to checking stuff- watched a few things. Have seen just two failed recordings on one of the boxes, none on the other so far. Both these failures appeared a bit different and were on the box that also crashed whilst I was away (maybe as a result of a restart I tried remotely).

Conclusion: all I can say at this point is that the problem appears to have gone away for now. Maybe the CF upgrade fixed it? Who knows. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Hope this summary helps other - upgrade the CF if a new version is available :)