Selecting compatible USB memory stick


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I have a 16GB USB stick which is not recognised by the recorder whether formatted FAT32 or EXT3 and a 1GB stick which is. Before shelling out on a new stick how can I be sure it will be recognised?

The 16 is a generic 7dayshop device while the 1GB I was given on a training course.

Thanks in advance.
This is not a lot of help for you, but with all this incompatibility of USB sticks, I must be lucky because I have 5 USB sticks from a 256Mb USB1 to a 4Gb, all of which are formatted FAT 32 and the Hummy recognises all of them. They are a 256Mb Crucial, a 512Mb Crucial, a Lexar, a PNY 4Gb and a 4GB Integral
It does seem odd that reports are either of very little issues or lots of issues with USB pen drives. When ever I need to reformat a pen drive I always use a 'full' format. Could that be a factor in me not usually having an issue?

The only USB memory I can find which my HD-FOX-T2 fails to recognise is a 16MB FAT two port USB1 hub combi.
I have problems too. A 4GB usbstick FAT 32 is recognised but a 8GB usbstickFAT32 is not recognised as either Fat32 or EXT3. Anybody using a usbstick of more than 4GB?
Whilst both (one recognised, one not) my usbsticks have FAT32 File System, looking at them under Easeus Partition, the 4GB has Partion Type FAT32X, whereas the 8GB has Partion Type FAT16, whatever that may mean. Is this significant and can it be changed if necessary?
Here are some tips known to help with Humax Boxes :-

  • Remove any other USB devices and power cycle twice (waiting for HDD spin down each time)
  • Do not use a USB extender cable
  • Removing all other files / re-formatting can prevent file fragmentation
  • Try both USB ports (If available)
the 4GB has Partion Type FAT32X, whereas the 8GB has Partion Type FAT16
I could believe the 4GB, but not the 8GB.
I haven't used that partitioning tool - usually use gparted - and would expect both to be reported as either FAT or FAT32