Sending me loopy!



Just brought a hd fox t2 tuned it all in as ya do, grrrr no hd channels yet but missing some channels notice I don't have Viva or any other music channel yet my TVs tuner gets all the channels! Am I being thick or doesn't the humax like it?
where you getting signal from mate, thats crucial info before someone can advise you, seems to be some problems depending on where in the country you are?

post that and someone will be straight on here to help, hope you sort things out cos its great kit when it works

signal from a roof aerial, strangely still gets viva etc on my tv just not the humax, argh! (know i cant get hd channels yet due to area which is annoying! but brought the humax for all the other features too and future updates sound promising)
hmm last i know of is The Wrekin dnt think it can be had from anywhere else round here (telford)
hmm last i know of is The Wrekin dnt think it can be had from anywhere else round here (telford)
when do you loose analogue, when switch off occurs, digital signal is boosted, lots of problems when winter hill changed to digital. check 800 channels to see if doubled up on freeview
yerp got the latest update 1.01.12 argh im gonna give it a kick in a minute lol!
i tend to find hitting hard on the top of the machine with the palm of the hand works, dont use hammers,bricks,cliffs, or kicking around the room with your size 9's because that leaves evidence and there go's your warranty.
lmfao im good i have size 12's maybe they wont notice the damage .......maybe! ok strange but ive placed my humax in a different place almost above the tv and its picked up 80 tv channels now as apposed to the 52 it picked up in the middle of the unit and the 62 it picked up on the floor! surely this shouldnt affect it anyway but it has hmm weird damn thing!
Yes, I was about to suggest the coax cable. How are you connecting it? Does it split from the tv, or is it straight from the wall?