Sending signal upstairs via antenna out?


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I've recently ditched Sky and moved to free-view through HDR-FOX-T2, and I'm glad I did!
For My Sky set-up, I used the aerial out connection to connect the sky box to an upstairs TV via the old loft aerials coax lines hidden inside the walls.

Now I've installed a digi aerial and new coax cable and am receiving all the channels I want and quite a few I dont!

I've tried to use the "antenna out" of the humax box and plug into an second tv upstairs like I did with the sky box. However i cant seem to tune the TV into the humax box .

Does the "antenna out" get over-ridden by the hdmi out to the first TV?

If any one has any ideas of what I'm doing wrong then help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the speedy reply though!

Could I use the scart output through a modulator(?) to send an RF signal upstairs?